The Manual

The Technology Commercialization Manual

By Melvin J. DeGeeter, Ph.D.

A thorough and comprehensive coverage of the technology commercialization process. Topics addressed are: intellectual property management, asset evaluation and valuation, marketing, negotiation, contracts and licensing, corporate & capital formation. Useful for corporate employees, business and technology transfer consultants, technology transfer professionals, academic professional and students.
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Dr. DeGeeter has over 15 years experience in research and program management while with The Upjohn Company and Monsanto. He was Director of Industrial Relations or Technology Transfer at Texas A&M, Indiana University and the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. He is a visiting lecturer at the University of Illinois where he teaches a course on technology commercialization at the graduate and MBA levels. He has also presented the course at the University of Helsinki. Dr. DeGeeter is founder and owner of Med-Launch, Inc. company focused on technology assessment, development and deployment for the healthcare industry. Mel has served on boards of companies and incubators and as Regional Vice President for the Association of University Technology Managers.

�Successful asset commercialization is a complex process dependent upon numerous inputs that are skillfully managed to establish appropriate and prudent strategic and tactical plans that are effectively and efficiently executed.�

� Introduction to technology commercialization and technology based companies
� Structure of the technology transfer organization and related econometrics
� Technology sources – technology transfer, acquisition, commercialization or licensing offices
� Role of Incubators, Clusters, Research Parks and Consortia
� Intellectual property protection and management
� Technology assessment, valuation and pricing
� Technology development and management
� Commercialization and marketing strategies and tactics
� International considerations for technology transfer or commercialization
� Negotiation strategies, methods, and resources
� Capital acquisition and sources
� Company formation or business structure of technology based firms
� Examples of agreements for select situations in the commercialization process

� Increase awareness of technology commercialization models and related econometrics.
� Learn how to increase the value of an asset through intellectual property protection,
identifying and establishing strategic alliances and program management.
� Increase awareness of evaluation methodology to make prudent and informed decisions
regarding technology/asset value to receive the best return on technology asset (ROTA).
� Develop understanding of negotiation strategies and tactics.
� Experience the process of technology assessment and enactment of preferred contracts.
� Participate in negotiating win-win licenses to maximum benefit to the contracting parties.
� Gain hands on knowledge through situation analysis and exchange of experiences.
� Exposure to the strategy and tactics related to capital acquisition
� Receive information necessary to form and operate a business.

� Information – textbook with which to generate knowledge
� Experiences – situation analysis, guest speakers(s)
� Model documents – invention disclosure, asset exchange, license agreements, etc.
� Technology Evaluation Software (TESTM) – phased technology evaluation
� Technology Pricing Model (TPMTM) software – negotiation tool to establish contract terms
� Worksheets – business assessment and formation and technology evaluation
� Glossary of business terms – related to technology commercialization
� Questions and answers – collection of frequently asked questions
� Resources – Extensive list of references, publications and related web sites